My life has taken me to many destinations and through various careers. Here is a brief recap:

I had the good fortune of growing up on an island in Alaska. After college, I worked in the political arena in Alaska and D.C. , travelled through several continents pursuing adventure, and then returned to Alaska. I decided to move to the Alaskan Bush and spent a decade living in various Yu’pik Eskimo and Athabascan Indian villages. There, I focused on raising my daughters and learning how to survive off the grid.

When my girls were old enough, I went back and got my Master’s degree in library science and worked for a number of years in public and school libraries. Throughout those years, I struggled with excess weight, fatigue, migraines, digestive problems, and alternating bouts of anxiety and depression.

In 2007, I decided I was fed up and began to dig into the research because my doctor was out of ideas (other than antacids, anti-depressants and ibuprofen which I was taking by the fistful…ugh.). I’d eliminated dairy many years earlier as the symptoms of intolerance were obvious. This time, I decided to try eliminating gluten as well. Lo and behold, within a month I’d lost a couple of pants sizes, eliminated my migraines, and no longer felt bloated and miserable.

I felt better than I ever had on a gluten/dairy than I ever had but I still had brain fog, energy issues, and a lot of joint pain. Unfortunately, I attributed these issues to ‘normal’ signs of aging. Oh, the power of hindsight…

In 2012, I discovered the Paleo diet. This is where my health began to kick into high gear. I had been eating a lot of processed, gluten free foods, soy protein bars, and very little protein or veggies. At the outset, Paleo was a ton of work. However, I felt better almost immediately so I stuck with it. (You’ll find information on this site on how to make the transition much easier.) The most immediate change was to my energy, both the level and the consistency. Regulating my blood sugar was an absolute game changer. However, there were more benefits: I lost all the remaining excess weight, my brain fog disappeared, and the joint pain I thought was with me for life went away. Whoa.

Through years of research, education, and coaching experience, I’ve learned a great deal about how to develop vibrant health and a fit body, naturally and for keeps. I don’t have all the answers but I will share with you everything I’ve learned.

I view every speaking engagement and cooking demo as an opportunity to share what I’ve learned about health and nutrition with those who are ready to reclaim their health and optimize their body composition.

I now have 2 amazing teenage daughters, a fiancé I adore, a dog who runs our household, and…a life I love in a body that finally works like it’s supposed to.

I regained my health, fitness, and vitality and I want to help you do the same!

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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please reach out and I will be in touch with you within 24 hours: lisa.primaltransformations@gmail.com.