Are You Hiding in Confusion? How to Begin.

Blog Post 11.29.17

The Paleo Diet is very simple: It consists of animals and plants. 

From these, we get meat, healthy fats, fiber rich veggies, starchy veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds.  

Despite its simplicity, we humans have a unique ability to over-complicate things! Why do we do this? 

We are seeking control. 

Many of us want to know ALL the answers before we try something new.  If we know all the facts ahead of time, we believe we can control the outcome when, in reality, experimentation is the only way to find out what will work best for US.

Overcomplicating is a way to stall. 

Instead of jumping in and trying something new, we will spend countless hours poring over blogs, asking questions in Facebook groups, pondering the pros and cons and assessing the various alternatives (keto, intermittent fasting, primal, etc.).  

We don’t want to fail or "do it wrong".  

If we’ve tried different diets in the past and not successfully kept the weight off or achieved the health benefits we were seeking, we can be apprehensive about trying again. 

All of this over complicating make sense to a point.  Yes, we need enough information to get started.  Sure, it’s interesting to hear what works for other people.  Absolutely, it makes sense that we don’t want to set ourselves up for failure.  

The power of taking action

Beyond a point, seeking more and more information holds us back from TAKING ACTION.  And action is what builds momentum, motivation, and confidence. Action is where we learn and grow.  Action, simply put, is more fun and less stressful than living in fear of the unknown.  

Ironically, it is SO much easier to do the work than to not do the work!

So, if you’re still dipping your toe in the water, I encourage you to BEGIN.

Keep in mind, you're not stepping onto a tightrope over the Grand Canyon!  Starbucks is across the street, Fast food is available on every corner.  This is not an irreversible decision if you jump in and decide this is not for you or not right for you right now.

You very likely have enough information to start now.   If you don’t, be sure to check out my Paleo Start Guide

Paleo is unlike any other dietary approach. 

A nutrient dense Paleo Diet can restore natural balance in the body (gut microbiome, hormones, detoxification), reduce inflammation, correct micronutrient deficiencies (eat your veggies!), and boosts mitochondrial function (energy!). 

Paleo can reduce hunger, cravings, and a dependence on processed, nutrient devoid food products. It can reset our hunger/satiety hormones so we can rebuild a healthy relationship with food. 

Paleo focuses on NOURISHING ourselves rather than on burning calories.  

How will you know if these things will happen for YOU? 

You guessed it:  JUMP IN AND START EXPERIMENTING!  I promise it will be more fun than continuing to research. And I guarantee you won't develop a gluten deficiency. ;)